MK 2866 (OSTARINE) 16mg

MK 2866 (OSTARINE) 16mg MK 2866 (OSTARINE) 16mg

Highly Anabolic
Jump Start Your HPTA
Simultaneous Loss of Body Fat
Sustainable Muscle Even After a Cycle
Even when taken at as low of a dose as 8 mg, MK-2866 (also referred to as Ostarine) offers anabolic effects, making it one of the more potent products available to those looking for gains. As with many of the products offered by Ontario Pharma that have an anabolic effect, MK-2866 does not come with the side effects that are experienced with steroids. Additional benefits of using MK-2866 include better gains of lean mass, a noticeable increase in strength, and more stamina. MK-2866 is excellent for both shredding and strength building. It is also very effective during recomp cycles in that many have noted that it helps promote the healing of joints. Ostarine has been used by athletes to assist in training and increase physical stamina and fitness. It works by targeting the androgen receptors.